About the Catskill Resort Museum

The primary mission of the Catskill Resort Museum is to educate people of all ages and backgrounds about the Catskill Resort era and its broad impact on 20th century American culture.

The future Catskill Resort Museum will be an immersive and captivating multi-media experience that combines film and interactive displays, text panels and artifacts to tell the story of the 20th century Catskill Resort era. Through multiple personal stories and profiles, immersive multi-media exhibit displays and experiences, engaging programs and educational events, the Catskill Resort Museum will encourage inter-generational dialog therefore providing the insight to its broad impact on 20th century American culture.

The museum will incorporate the history of the hotels, bungalow colonies, day camps and explore the many diverse cultures that contributed to the Catskill region landscape. This will serve in the broader context of a dialog in educating a longer generation to the strength of our diversity in American society.