The museum is to be built in the heart of the Ellenville business district. This will serve as an important impetus to the economic revitalization of the community and the surrounding region.

For 150 years the Catskill Mountains have served the changing needs of Americans seeking a nearby vacation paradise. Their seasonal visits have transformed a hunting and agricultural landscape into an intensely developed tourist mecca. In 1823, the Catskill Mountain House stood alone as a specialized tourist hotel; now bungalow colonies, hotels, country clubs, boarding houses and motels were virtually everywhere.

The Catskill Resort Museum will enlighten visitors of all ages and they will be educated about the unique history of the Catskill resort region. The legendary comedians who performed during the glory days of the Catskill resort era will be enshrined in a Comedy Hall of Fame. Many of these comedians and entertainers went on to star in stage, screen and television. The core exhibition will include photographs, videos, film documentaries, music, oral history and numerous artifacts. The principle objective is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the history of the resorts and the contribution to American culture.